It’s Baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Let’s face it, with Game of Thrones, Homeland, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and Boardwalk Empire all on hiatus, you’re gonna need a reason to mindlessly stare at your TV. And that reason should be Fantasy Bachelor.

It’s arguably the most enjoyable TV experiences I have all year. And it’s simple, because I do all the work. Here’s what you do:

1. Get a group of friends together. Five teams are ideal but not necessary. Read my Fantasy Bachelor Rules so you know how points are earned and lost. In general, the longer your contestants stay on the show, the more points you earn. Plus there’s a ton of fun bonus points and penalties along the way. You want to draft ladies who are going the distance. Stack your team with those who collect roses and kisses, but don’t cause (too much) drama. 

2. Watch the Season Premier on before Monday January 14. That’s technically the second episode, but the start of the Fantasy Season.

3. Take copious notes on who’s crazy and who’s bat shit crazy.  

4. Hold your draft before Jan 14. I prefer Google Hangouts but email works fine. Then download GroupMe and set up a group to live chat with friends while watching. The jokes are endless - and this season looks like a real doozy.

5. Copy the previous Rules and Scoring Sheet as your own - so you can draft your teams and copy over my scores each week. I’ll post scores typically by Wednesday night. Feel free to modify any of the rules. But if you do, you’re on your own for scoring. 

That’s it. Have any feedback? Please drop it in the comments section below. Or find me on Twitter @jonathancrowley #FantasyBachelor

Happy Rose Collecting! 

This is awesome. Get on it.