5 years ago to the day, we got married here. Stopped by to crash but settled for this pic. cc @somecallmekate (at Angel Orensanz Foundation)

so much to be thankful for today, but nothing more than this little nugget of happiness. #evef (at Namskaket Beach)

Why all the critiques of Apple Lightning got it way wrong

In all the iPhone 5 hubbub this week, the sharpest critiques of Apple have come regarding Lightning. Users, the media and accessory manufacturers are up in arms that Apple would dare to change the standard connector that they pioneered with the first iPod way back in 2001. Very few people seem to realize that this is almost definitely a good thing for everyone in the ecosystem. Perhaps not tomorrow but definitely by next year.

Why is the annoyance you’ll have to put up with for all your legacy chargers, accessories and docks worth it in the end? A few reasons:

1. AirPlay is much much better anyway. If you have a Sonos, a Jambox or Bluetooth-enabled sound system in your car, you’ll know this to be the case already. There is no need to plug your device in, no need to have it locked to your accessory and you can enjoy the freedom to multitask while being device-connected. Quite simply, it’s a better technology and thanks to Apple’s market power and the introduction of Lightning, accessory manufacturers will have to embrace AirPlay/BlueTooth significantly faster than they would have otherwise. I am fairly confident that within 18 months the *only* time you’ll actually plug your iPhone into anything will be to charge it up. This is a good thing.

2. A decade is quite a long time for a single hardware standard. But because this particularly standard was attached to the most successful consumer electronic device ever (and spawned a huge economy predicated on it), people are pissed. But the new standard is smaller, lighter and supposedly better. Despite the headache, that should probably be reason enough to warrant a change on its own.

3. It works upside down. This insight is so obvious and dumb that of course Apple is the one who executed on it and brought it to market. Every connector should work rightside up or upside down, right? I am sure (or at least hope) that there are technical reasons this can’t be the case for USB and mini-USB, otherwise it would have been done already.

The Apple fanboy in all of us respects the company because they are the most innovative in the world and they never ever give in to inertia. To criticize them for the same base reason we also love them is hypocritical.

all of a sudden, the term “daddy’s little girl” makes perfect sense.

first bath = success! #evef (Taken with Instagram at Furst Continental Congress)



It’s Friday night! Perhaps you have need of a bottle of wine for a nice evening out (or in)?  Don’t fret. We at the Discovery News tumblr page have found a way to help you pick. If it looks complicated, that’s because it is.


Infografica dedicata al vino

Good luck with this. — tanya b.

one of those nights. #rooftopliving #nofilter (Taken with Instagram at Furst Continental Congress)


IT’S FUTURE DAY! Remember in Back To the Future, where Doc sets the DeLorean to a future date? That date is TODAY!


IT’S FUTURE DAY! Remember in Back To the Future, where Doc sets the DeLorean to a future date? That date is TODAY!


I love this story almost as much as i love cupcakes. Actually, i love it more. 

It’s Wednesday night, and I’m taking the F Train home to Brooklyn with my co-worker Jake. It’s crowded, so we’re holding the germ-bar above a young lady, who’s holding this elaborate double-decker cupcake carrying case. This ain’t your Mom’s Tupperware. It’s an I’m-fucking-serious-about-my-cupcakes transporter. 

She can’t help but notice us gawking at her cupcake contraption and removes her headphones. We start talking. Turns out, she made cupcakes for her co-workers… because they got laid off. Sad face. 

Before you know it, we’re deep in a conversation about cupcakes. What kind. How often she makes them. Types of frosting. Sprinkles. You name it, we’re talking about it. 

She mentions she’s making cupcakes again on Thursday. Half-joking, but totally serious, I say “Hey, you know what would be awesome. If I could get one of those cupcakes.” She laughs and sorta dismisses it. 

The conversation’s coming to an end, because we’ve reached our subway stop. Turns out she’s getting off too! Now’s my chance to seal the deal.

“For real. You could make some extra cupcakes for me and Jake and leave them for us. It’d be the best thing ever.”

We’re now outside the turnstiles and above ground when I suggest “Heck, you could hide them right here.” and I point to a bush near the subway entrance. 

We walk together for another 50-yards until our paths part ways. As she crosses the street I yell back “I look forward to cupcakes on Thursday!”

Fast forward to Thursday morning. I’m walking to the subway with my wife. I’m at the corner when I suddenly remember the cupcake girl. I almost explode with excitement, and begin to tell Jaclyn the story, who as you can imagine, has 100 questions about this girl who may and may not have made me cupcakes. 

I start speed walking towards the subway stop, teeming with anticipation. I reach the bush, look down to find this brown package carefully stapled and wrapped with blue string. 

The note reads “For the nice boys from the F Train. Hope you have a nice day. Enjoy!” 

Words can’t explain how happy this made me. 

Stacey, from Carroll Garden Brooklyn, we had more than a nice day. You totally made our day. 

Thank You :)

this was incredible. one of those amazing NYC moments.

A Brief History of John Baldessari

@thecoolgeek takes first place in the First Annual Foursquare BD Grand Prix. @holger in second, @jcrowley in third. (Taken with Instagram at GoKart Racer)

Happy 100th birthday to the real Field of Dreams. (Taken with Instagram at Fenway Park)


Happy birthday, Colin Powell.